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Mortuary and Bereavement Services

Updated 26 July 2021

The mortuary and bereavement offices are located on Level 1 North Wing. Opening hours are 8.30am until 4.30pm Monday to Friday. The office is closed at the weekends and during public holidays. An out of hours service is available at weekends for exceptional circumstances and is accessible via switchboard.

The bereavement office will ensure all necessary legal documentation required when a death occurs within the hospital is completed. As part of the completion of this documentation the next of kin will be contacted by a senior doctor called the Medical Examiner whose role is to provide independent scrutiny of all deaths occurring within the hospital. 

The Medical Examiner will liaise with the doctors providing care to your loved one to ensure the Cause of Death on the Medical Cause of Death Certificate is accurate. They will then contact the next of kin to discuss the Cause of Death and endeavour to answer any questions about the final illness and care your loved one received.

The bereavement office will be able to offer information regarding property, registering the death and arranging the funeral. We have also developed some practical information to help the next of kin through the challenging time following the loss of a loved one, which can be accessed from the link below. 

Should you find you have additional questions or concerns please contact the bereavement office, they will signpost you to additional support if required.

Further information and support for those who have experienced a loss is available here.

Staff and telephone numbers

Mortuary telephone number: 01305 255250

Bereavement office telephone number: 01305 255125

Head of Mortuary and Bereavement Services and HTA Designated Individual
Jude Whitehead
01305 254066

Mortuary Technicians
Rachel Caswell

Bex Pauffley (as and when)

01305 255250

Bereavement Officer
Wendy Woodland
01305 255125

Medical Examiner Officer (MEO)
Fern Boniwell
01305 255251

Medical Examiners
01305 254947

If urgent, please email the MEO.

Mortuary direct line
Bereavement office direct line