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Occupational Therapy

Updated 23 February 2021

The Occupational Therapy Department aims to help people achieve as much independence as possible in terms of your daily functional needs.

The main department is located in the Rehabilitation Unit on the first floor of South Wing.

There are three teams for the inpatient service with responsibility for:

  • Neurology
  • Surgical and Orthopaedics
  • Elderly Care and Medical


On the Stroke Unit we have a team of specialist Occupational Therapists who assess cognition, perception and motor function and then treat the patient accordingly, aiming for the optimum level of functional recovery. We work alongside a very close multidisciplinary team. Our patients are of all ages and will often be with us for a few months. We work with them daily to achieve specific goals and address access into the community. With our younger patients we also look at issues like returning to work and driving.


In surgical services, the occupational therapist works within the multidisciplinary team providing rehabilitation and also advice and support for issues which may affect patients’ return home.


This unit consists of Ridgeway Ward, which provides elective joint replacement surgery, and Purbeck Ward, which is a trauma ward. The Occupational Therapists work as part of a ward–based team assessing and advising patients who have suffered joint or bone injuries how to cope with their current disability. From these assessments we aim to plan a safe discharge home.

Elective surgery

For people awaiting elective surgery, such as total hip replacements, Occupational Therapy offers a pre-admission service whereby our Technician will visit your home and assess your likely postoperative needs and organise the delivery of any equipment that is required.

Elderly Care

Within elderly care the occupational therapists are part of the multidisciplinary teams who will comprehensively assess your functional needs prior to discharge. They may also liaise with outside agencies to ensure you have the appropriate level of support following discharge.


The occupational therapists work closely with Nurses, Physiotherapists, Social Workers and other medical staff to assess your functional needs and plan your discharge. This may include liaising with other hospitals and Health and Social Care local offices.

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