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The Gastroenterology Department at Dorset County Hospital provides comprehensive services for patients with digestive, liver and pancreatic diseases. The team comprises senior and junior doctors, specialist nurses, dieticians and pharmacists. We have a wide range of skills to treat numerous disorders and have teams dedicated to inflammatory bowel disease, nutrition, liver disease, iron deficiency anaemia, endoscopy and upper gastro-intestinal cancer.

We work closely with colleagues in surgery, radiology, oncology, pathology and anaesthetics to provide specialist care for inpatients and outpatients. If required, this can involve case discussion at multi-disciplinary meetings.

Outpatient services

Outpatient clinics are conducted at Dorset County Hospital and Weymouth Community Hospital. These can be in person or over the telephone.

Endoscopy services

We offer a number of gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures including gastroscopy, colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, push enteroscopy, small bowel capsule enteroscopy and ERCP. We have full JAG accreditation and contribute to the Dorset Bowel Cancer Screening Programme. We operate seven days a week and train both doctors and nurses. Please click here to see the endoscopy page for more information.

Meet the team

All of the consultants are trained in gastroenterology, hepatology and general medicine. They each have their own further sub-speciality interests:

  • Dr James Shutt - nutrition, inflammatory bowel disease, and colonoscopy including bowel cancer screening
  • Dr James Jupp - liver and pancreatic disease, upper gastrointestinal cancer and ERCP
  • Dr Angel Castro-Silva - iron deficiency anaemia, inflammatory bowel disease and capsule enteroscopy.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) team comprises the doctors listed above, specialist nurses Arabis Oglesby, Kelly Blackmore and Heather Caines, along with specialist pharmacist Kate Travers. There is close, multi-disciplinary working with partners in surgery, radiology, pathology and dietetics. Please click here to see the IBD page for more information.


The Nutrition team is led by Dr Shutt and staffed by specialist nurse Jennifer Ashmore with dietician and pharmacist support. They direct the nutritional care of all inpatients with complex feeding needs and work closely with the community Home Enteral Nutrition team to review and manage new and existing tube fed patients. Close links with University Hospital Southampton facilitate shared care for Home Parenteral Nutrition patients when appropriate.

Contact details

Secretaries: (01305) 25 5393/5574

Endoscopy: (01305) 25 5225

IBD helpline: (01305) 25 5102

UGI CNS helpline: (01305) 25 5710

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