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Updated 10 June 2024

22 May 2024

Dorset County Hospital (DCH) has opened a new CT scanner suite in Weymouth as part of a national drive to offer tests closer to home and help shorten waiting lists.

CT (computerised tomography) scans are used to diagnose conditions or check how well treatment is working. The new suite at Weymouth Community Hospital has been introduced as part of NHS England’s Community Diagnostics Centre (CDC) programme and the Targeted Lung Health Check (TLHC) programme. The CDC programme is creating additional facilities across the country for checks, scans and tests. The TLHC programme helps to diagnose and treat lung and breathing problems in people aged 55-74 before they become serious.

The project to install the CT scanner was carried out by DCH in collaboration with Dorset HealthCare, which runs Weymouth Hospital, and University Hospitals Dorset, the lead Trust for Dorset’s CDC programme.

Chief Operating Officer at Dorset County Hospital Anita Thomas said:

“We are delighted to have opened a CT scanner suite at Weymouth Community Hospital. This additional facility means we will be able to see more patients, reduce waiting lists and, most importantly, diagnose and treat more health conditions at an earlier stage which brings with it more treatment options and benefits for patients.”

In addition to new CT scanner, DCH is also now offering additional X-ray and ultrasound appointments during evenings and weekends from Weymouth Hospital as part of the CDC programme.

Staff by the new beside the new CT Scanner at Weymouth Community Hospital.
From left – Senior Radiographer Greg Loizou, Karen Bew, Programme Head for Dorset’s Community Diagnostics Centres, Deputy Radiology Manager Simon Jones, Senior Technician Sophie McCaffery and DCH Chief Operating Officer Anita Thomas beside the new CT Scanner at Weymouth Community Hospital.