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18 May 2020

A new Wi-Fi network at Dorset County Hospital will enhance the experience of patients, allowing them to stay better connected to loved ones during their stay.

The Trust is partnering with WiFi SPARK to launch a free NHS network for patients, visitors and staff to enjoy a faster and more reliable online connection.

The network will allow patients and visitors to browse online, use email and check in with social media. An additional chargeable premium service will also be available to allow for online gaming and streaming. A staff network will also be available for DCH employees.

The project has been partially funded by the Friends of Dorset County Hospital.

Alison Male Patient and Public Engagement Lead said: “We are really excited about the new network. Being a patient is not fun by any means, but having a fast, efficient Wi-Fi service can make all the difference in helping you to keep entertained and can improve the overall experience of your time in hospital.

“It can be a real worry having a friend of family member in hospital but our improved Wi-Fi will enable patients to stay better connected with their loved ones during their admission.

“We are really grateful to The Friends of Dorset County Hospital for their support with this project.”

The new network could also be used as a springboard for further innovations and enhancements in the future to continue improving patient experience at DCH.

Matt O'Donovan CEO at WiFi SPARK said: "We are honoured to have been selected by Dorset County Hospital for the provision of their Wi-Fi for patients, visitors and staff. Human connection is more important than ever, especially at the moment and Wi-Fi is integral for enabling people to stay connected to their friends and family and to be entertained. We are delighted to be able to help provide this invaluable service."