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Updated 27 April 2023

4 October 2022

Dorset County Hospital staff and volunteers received well deserved recognition for their hard work and dedication at the 2022 GEM and Long Service Awards.

The awards are presented annually to people who have made an outstanding contribution to the hospital – Going the Extra Mile – and to those who have achieved 25 years of NHS service.

Colleagues, patients and relatives were asked to nominate hospital staff and volunteers for a number of awards to honour those who have gone over and above what is expected to make a difference to people’s lives.

Trust Chairman Mark Addison said: “These awards give us a chance to stop and think about the extraordinary work our staff and volunteers do to give our patients the excellent care that we all take such pride in.

“We are so lucky that we have such talented and dedicated teams at the hospital who have given many years of dedicated service to the NHS. It is a real pleasure to recognise and celebrate what they have done.”

The GEM Awards were held at Weymouth College, with college catering students creating and serving the meal. The Long Service Awards were presented at the Dorford Centre in Dorchester.

GEMS winners and finalists

Volunteer Award
Winners: Volunteer Services Team (Wendy Lake, Pauline Hooper, Cathrin Dunford, Richard Lawson)
Finalist: Angela Gilday

Student/Apprentice of the Year Award 
Winner: Lyndsey Joyce
Finalists: Kieran Pitman, Marie Tubulog

Quality Improvement and Innovation Award
Winner: Marie Dorton
Finalists: Cheska Ball, Jane Burrow

Contribution to Research Award 
Winner: Sarah Williams
Finalists: Cardiology and Cath Lab Team, SIREN Team

Leadership Award
Winner: Anna Ekerold
Finalists: Abi Orchard, Jo Hartley

Patient Safety Award
Winners: Medicines Safety Team
Finalists: Sally Love, Ruth Thomas

Patient Choice Award
Winner: Kevin Smith
Finalists: Pauline Kirtley, Natalie Canham

DCH Charity Fundraiser of the Year Award
Winner: Sophie Swain
Finalists: DCH Weymouth Half Marathon Team, Sarah-Jane Diaz

Team of the Year Award
Winners: Respiratory Team
Finalists: Upper GI Clinical Nurse Specialist Team, Digital Training Team

Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner: Tracey Stevenson
Finalists: Diane Hill, Hugh Bellis

Chairman’s Award
Winner: Andrew Norman
Finalists: Sarah Bridle, Wendy Lake

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Long Service Awards Recipients

Frida Best

Alison Bryan

Susan Buckley

Deborah Clenshaw

Melissa Geall

Leslie Heward

Simon Jones

Barbara Kavanagh

Catherine Kennedy

Ed Keynes

Elaine Lake

Penelope McCracken

Kathryn Morgan

Marie Pickersgill

Tina Rist

Lynn Standley

Anjay Talwar

Jane Turner

Georgina Bruce

Beverley Boore

Christina Leadley

Emma Diaz

Claire Jackson

Louise Brereton

Simon Baird

Lisa Ismaili

Kate Rowe

Karen Glover

Yvonne Bradburn

Jane Hall

Gloria Willey

Karen Plummer

Philip Wylie

Alison Male

Vera Voss

Marianne Docherty

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